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Brasher’s Salt Lake Sales Office
Brad Ball

What is the Openbook lane?

A live digital auction taking place every Tuesday morning at Brasher’s in Salt Lake City. We’ve furnished an entire lane with state-of-the-art digital equipment to showcase off-site vehicles alongside our traditional auction vehicles.

How does it work?
Dealers from across the region consign vehicles to the Openbook lane by submitting vehicle information and photos. These vehicles are then marketed to dealers all across the United States on the Auction Pipeline. On Tuesday morning each unit is digitally displayed and runs through the lane as a live auctioneer sells to over 600 dealers that are physically present, in addition to those bidding online.

What types of vehicles run in the Openbook lane?
Only frontline ready units, qualifying as “Pipeline Preferred” will run in this lane. Vehicles less than 7 years old, with less than 100,000 miles and with clean titles and history reports are eligible. All units must be retail ready.

Why should I sell vehicles in the Openbook lane?
Free yourself from the hassle and costs associated with transporting your vehicles to the auction. Your vehicles remain on your front line during the entire week. Transportation arrangements are made only when your vehicles actually sell.

Get maximum exposure for your inventory in front of hundreds of qualified dealers who are on-site, participating in our traditional auction.

Benefit from the expertise Brasher’s Salt Lake Auto Auction provides in marketing, facilitating and guaranteeing each transaction.

Why should I buy vehicles in the Openbook lane?
Acquire frontline ready units, all carrying a “Pipeline Preferred” Guarantee.

Broaden your access to wholesale inventory being marketed by dealers across the Western United States.

Participate in-person at Brasher’s weekly auction or preview and attend via Pipeline Simulcast.

Benefit from the expertise Brasher’s Salt Lake Auto Auction provides in facilitating and guaranteeing each transaction.

How to consign vehicles to the Auction?
To consign vehicles to the Openbook lane, a booksheet and at least one actual photograph must be received by Brasher’s Salt Lake office by Monday at 2:00pm (the day before the auction).

Our technical staff may be able to assist in setting up an import feed to retrieve vehicle information and photos from your dealer management system or third-party inventory service.

Guidelines for Success
Consider that each unit running in the Openbook lane is frontline ready and, in most cases, has been fully reconditioned for retail sale. All vehicles sold through the Openbook lane come with the Pipeline Preferred guarantee and clean to extra clean vehicle grades. Buyers should expect to pay reasonable market rates given these high standards.

The physical location of each vehicle is published. Buyers are responsible for all transportation costs and should bid on each vehicle accordingly. Sellers may promote a particular unit by offering transportation assistance.

Only consign frontline ready vehicles. The costs associated with unwinding
a transaction can be significant to the seller due to transportation and logistics. Avoid potential arbitration by properly announcing and fully disclosing even minor issues related to the vehicle’s condition. We seek to maintain an environment where buyers can bid with full confidence.

Be realistic in your expectations. The Openbook lane will provide your vehicles with maximum WHOLESALE exposure. Dealers that price vehicles appropriately will find the greatest success and have better access to premium run numbers.

Vehicles must be transported within 48 hours of purchase. Brashers Salt Lake Auction facilitates transportation for all vehicles. A buyer has the option to make alternative transportation arrangements, but must inform Brasher’s of this intent by 5:00 pm on the day of sale.